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Hammad Ahmed


By: Nathan Hood Hammad Ahmed, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the UPEI Student Union, has resigned, according to a release published by the SU. The release includes a copy of Ahmed’s resignation letter, which is dated January 7th,... Continue Reading →

UPEI Global Village and Gala Event a Success!

By: Jing Zhao On April 2, 2016, the Society of International Students (SIS) successfully held the UPEI Global Village and Gala Event . Saturday night, UPEI students  were encouraged to “discover and experience the world” at Macmillan Hall. There were... Continue Reading →

The Ten Foot Pole – International Student Issues

International Students comprise roughly 20% of the University's population, and has been growing steadily for the past few years. However, international students face a variety of unique challenges and experiences. Here to talk about issues regarding campus integration, Student Union... Continue Reading →

Society of International Students Holds Kickoff Event

By: Jing Zhao On the 9th November 2015, Society of International Students (SIS) held their first event- International Kick-off Trivia in the W.A. Murphy Student Center. International students gathered together to make friends with each other as well as relax... Continue Reading →

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