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Ballerina On the Moon

By: Dr. Libby Osgood I was going to be the first ballerina on the moon, or so I thought back in the early 1990’s around the age of 9. It didn’t matter that people had stopped traveling to the moon,... Continue Reading →

New PM Not Yet Living Up to His Feminist Ideals

By: Taya Nabuurs With the implementation of 50/50 gender parity for which he had social media buzzing with clips of his now-infamous statement, “because it’s 2015,” Justin Trudeau’s efforts to stress the importance of gender equality in Canada and destigmatize... Continue Reading →

The Hyper-Feminization of Halloween Costumes

By: Taya Nabuurs Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, because for one night every year, you have the ability to transform into anyone or anything you want to be; the options are endless. However, the past few years I’ve... Continue Reading →

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