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PEI Men Tackle Violence Against Women

The issue of violence against women was once again thrusted into the spotlight in October, a month that featured allegations of impropriety laid against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein and the subsequent popularization of the #MeToo campaign, which encouraged people... Continue Reading →

“Contributing to the Betterment of Our Communities”

The Baha’i faith has recently celebrated the bicentenary of the birth of its founder Bahá’u’lláh. Although it is a relatively younger faith tradition compared to its peers, Baha’ism has spirited followers all over the world. Baha’ism as a faith is... Continue Reading →

Degrowth Workshop Aims to Re-envision PEI

By: Taya Nabuurs An impressive number of people gathered at the Murphy Community Centre in Charlottetown last Tuesday night at a presentation aimed at discussing the possibility of more sustainable alternative economies for Prince Edward Island. Former Managing Director of... Continue Reading →

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