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PEI Men Tackle Violence Against Women

The issue of violence against women was once again thrusted into the spotlight in October, a month that featured allegations of impropriety laid against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein and the subsequent popularization of the #MeToo campaign, which encouraged people... Continue Reading →

Raise a Fee; Help a Refugee – What is WUSC and How Does It Plan to Help Refugees

By: Robbi Canning With more and more people tuning into social media, knowledge and information becomes readily available and easily shared. Fear not, this means not only a bombardment of Buzzfeed videos and personality quizzes, for it also helps create... Continue Reading →

Bill C-51 Panel Held at UPEI

By: Enesi Majebi Ever since the controversial Bill C-51 was given royal assessment on the 18th of June 2015, it has been met with vehemently negative response from many areas. Tom Mulcair, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, as well as the Leader of... Continue Reading →

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