You probably know this by now, but to conclude our SU election series, we bring you the official results. These were ratified by the Student Council on Sunday, the 12th of March, 2017.

Hammad Ahmed garnered 757 votes to become the President and CEO of the UPEI SU. He is the first international student to achieve this in the history of the union. Clory and Ferguson won 224 and 180 respectively. Sixty-six students abstained from voting. This post saw the highest number of recorded votes compared to the two other executive positions. They were 1227 in total.

Megan Rix won the VPSL position by a narrow margin of 22 votes. She pulled in 493 votes compared to Rio Guglielmelli’s 471. There were also 87 recorded abstentions.

Taya Nabuurs is the incoming Vice President Academic and External, as she won with 630 votes. Eric Brookins recorded 267 votes and 123 students abstained from voting for either candidate.

Come September, the senate representatives will be Ammar Khayyut and Grace Wedlake. There were 260 combined abstentions for this position.

With 639 votes, Sweta Daboo will serve in the capacity of Ombudsperson. Science students will air their concerns to Pragya Chowdhury, Kali Ross, and Matthew Coleman, as they have been elected science representatives.

Brendan Curran and William McGuigan won the position of business rep. There are concerns, however, as to how or if at all McGuigan will fulfill his duties. This is due to the fact that he has been hired to replace the incumbent, Clayton Smith, as Vice President Finance.

Colton Profitt ran unopposed and won the position of Nursing representative on the Student Council. Laura Harwood and Chris Perry will serve on the Student Council as the faculty of arts representatives.

Grad week activities will be coordinated by the Grad Class President, Vice President, and Treasurer. This year, the individuals fulfilling these respective roles are Emma McDermott, Robyn Soulsby, and Nicholas Johnston.

Morning and Afternoon convocation speeches will be delivered by Foyin Senbanjo and Leif Wilm respectively.

Four hundred and ninety-four students voted in favor of the proposed changes contained in the referendum question.

The Cadre thanks students for their participation in the electoral process, and wishes all elected officials of the SU best of luck in their roles. We will be watching.