By: Nick Scott


  • If the debate actually ends up being a town hall forum that’s being called a debate.

  • Any time the following are said:

    • “We need to engage more students to get involved on-campus.”

    • “The Student Union needs to reach out to its student population.”

    • “Clubs and societies are the backbone of any university.”

    • “My experience in the Student Union…”

    • “I feel that as an outsider to the Student Union, I can bring in a fresh perspective.”

    • “I feel that the policies presented in my platform will…”

    • “I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not sure.” (drink twice if the people around you somehow approve of this answer even more than if the candidate had provided a well-thought and detailed answer.)

  • Any time that one candidate references another’s platform in an attempt to establish bonhomie.

  • Any time that candidates talk about instructor evaluation forms and the need to change how they’re reviewed.

  • Add your own drinking rules! There’s sure to be many opportunities.