By: Lorelei Kenny

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “there’s nothing to do on PEI”. Goodness, it drives me nuts! There are plenty of things going on in Charlottetown and across the island, many of these activities you can do all year round and they are totally affordable if not free. PEI might be a small province but there is so much to experience and explore. It’s up to you to find out ‘what’s the buzz’.

Here is a list of things that you and your friends can do around PEI any day of the week:

GO LOOK AT ART: There are loads of art galleries all over PEI. Four are situated in downtown Charlottetown just blocks from each other. These four galleries are The Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Gallery at the Guild, Details Past & Present, and Lorimer Gallery. All of these galleries are available at a low cost of FREE, and since the displays change throughout the year, you can visit the galleries, again and again, experiencing new things each time.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery— 145 Richmond St, Charlottetown // Photography: Lorelei Kenny //



Gallery at the Guild—115 Richmond St, Charlottetown // Photography: Lorelei Kenny //



Details Past & Present166 Richmond St, Charlottetown // Photography: Lorelei Kenny //



Lorimer Gallery 82 Great George Street // Photography: Lorelei Kenny //



CLIMBIN’: At PEI’s only indoor rock climbing arena Red Rock Climbing Wall located in the North-Diamond Soccer Complex you can rock climb all year round. There are six combined climbing walls, the walls range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Regardless of your climbing experience, it’s only $10 for one hour,  $15 for two and $20 for the day.

Red Rock Climbing Wall21 Myrtle Street, Stratford PEI // Photography: taking from website //  redrockwall



BOWL A STRIKE: Grab some friends and go bowling at The Alley located in the Murphy’s Community Centre. The Alley is a fresh classy spot to grab some food, a few drinks and do something different from your normal hang out. Most of the time it costs $10, however, the cost goes up to $13 after 6:30pm on Friday & Saturday. Bring your student ID any Wednesday and you can bowl for $8. The cost gives you an hour and fifteen minutes in the lane and covers your shoe rental fee.

The Alley200 Richmond St, Charlottetown // Photography: taking from website //



EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS PART I: PEI has miles of breathtaking beaches, with infamous red clay beaches on the south shore and singing white sand beaches on the north. There is nothing like watching the waves crash onto the shore or strolling alongside the dunes. You haven’t seen enough until you’ve seen them all.  (Be sure visit Lakeside, Thunder Cove, Basin Head and Tea Hill.)

Lakeside // Photography:  Lorelei Kenny // tourismpei



EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS PART II: Hiking on a major woodland trail like Dromore (PEI’s International Appalachian Trail), Winter River Trail or North Cape are free to use and always therapeutic. And don’t forget about The Confederation Trail which is right behind the engineering building. The Confederation Trail was developed on the abandoned PEI railway lines and it stretched from tip to tip of the island. Hop on and go for a quick jog or walk. If you are feeling adventurous book off a day or two and bike half/entire trail. The trail will take you through PEI’s most charming towns and villages. On your journey, you will be surrounded by gorgeous deciduous trees and will pass calming rivers and extensive wetlands.

Winter River Trail // Photography: Lorelei Kenny //



“IT’S YOUR TURN”:  The brand new board game hub Small Print Cafe located right downtown only has a $5 cover and over 300 board games. You and your friends just walk in, grab a table, snag a few board games off the shelves and start playing. They have a variety of games from classics like Monopoly and Scrabble to more obscure modern games like Carcassonne(??).

Small Print Cafe 119 Grafton St, Charlottetown  // Photography: Lorelei Kenny // smallprintcafe



“HOW DID THEY KNOW THAT?”: Trivia is always a whack of fun and happens all over Charlottetown. Hunters, Churchill Arms, Small Print Café and of course UPEI’s very own pub, The Wave, all have regular trivia nights. (Remember! On trivia night at the Wave there is a 50 cent wing special…yum)



“BUT SHIT IT WAS 99 CENTS”: Lastly, bus down to Value Village, Repeats or Bibles for Mission (all three thrift stores are only five minutes from campus). Not only can you pick up clothes, CDs, dorm decorations,and  furniture but you never know what you are going to come across. It’s fun trying on the wacky clothing and fooling around with your friends, the best part, however, is the thrill of a great find. There is nothing like finding a pair of American Apparel jeans in mint shape, or a $20 unique retro chair, or even a $600 coat for $18.

Value Village339 University Ave //



So next time you are laying in your room complaining about how boring P.E.I. is, stop bitchin! Come back to this short list to get a few ideas or pick up the Buzz! There is always something new and exciting going on, you just have to make the effort to find out what’s local, what’s happening.


Featured photo: Discover Charlottetown Blog