By: Zach Geldert

On the Cadre’s recent visit to Upstreet Brewery, the team had the opportunity to taste 4 of Upstreet’s flagship brews: Rhuby Social, Commons Pilsner, Eighty-Bob, and Do-Gooder. As promised in the previous article on Upstreet, the Cadre took one for the team and drank tried the beers to provide all of the thirsty, beer drinking Cadre readers with reviews of each of these wonderfully crafted beers. Please note, however, that we are not ‘beer connoisseurs’ (but if anyone is hiring beer connoisseurs I’m willing to learn, and drink), the best way to find your favourite beer for yourself by visiting Upstreet at 41 Allen St. or you can pick them up at the liquor store.


Rhuby Social

Overview: This beer is a refreshing beer that brings you back to an easy summer afternoon relaxing without a care in the world. The light coloured Witbier is made with locally sourced strawberries and rhubarb that screams refreshing beach beer.

Taste: This beer is light and refreshing that starts off sweet and fruity and finishes with a subtle tart kick of rhubarb. Upstreet recommends pairing with spicy Asian cuisine.

Comments: “The sweetness and lightness pulls you in”, “I can definitely see myself drinking this on the deck or the beach”, “Easily my favourite beer (for a first timer).”


Commons Pilsner

Overview: This traditional Czech pilsner is made with ingredients sourced all the way from the Czech Republic to uphold the traditional easy-drinking taste that pilsners are known for. It is an everyday kind of beer that is not heavy and will keep you coming back for more. If Upstreet were to ever offer a 6 or 12 pack this is the beer that they would sell. It is a higher-end, better tasting version of the ordinary beers (Coors, Bud, Molson), although it ought not be considered a competitor, seeing as it is by far a better beer. It is Upstreet’s best-selling beer.

Taste: Light and easy drinking, this beer is best ice-cold during a warm summer’s day with some fresh seafood. There is no ‘hard punch’ that some think of when they think craft beer, and for someone new to craft beer this is the perfect introduction.

Comments: “Nice and easy”, “Smooth and simple”, “Refreshing, easy drinking, and tasteful.”



Overview: As a Scottish Red Ale this beer is a crimson red. While it is heavier than the previous two beers it is still a refreshing and easy drinking experience. Its namesake is derived from Scottish slang for ‘higher quality’ and lives up to the name. It pairs best with something a little heavier like stews and red meat and is the perfect fall beer.

Taste: This is the most tasteful beer that the Cadre tried and has hints of toffee and caramel with a smooth roasted malt finish. If you like a good cup of coffee, you will enjoy this beer.

Comments: “Nutty, soft, and sweet”, “Great late-evening beer”, “Flavourful, takes beer taste to another level.”



Overview: This American Pale Ale not only tastes good but helps a good cause. A portion of every sale of Do-Gooder goes towards funding local art initiatives on PEI. A bright copper colour this beer is unique and pairs great with a nice barbecued meal. Amongst the Cadre team, this beer received the most mixed reviews with some loving it and some not a big fan of its bite.

Taste: As a pale ale, this beer is hoppy (bitter) however it has a light citrusy undertone that compliments the bite of the hops. If you like red wine or black, strong coffee you will like the Do-Gooder.

Comments: “First-timer’s favourite”, “Heavy on the hops and perhaps too bitter for its own good, but the cause use it for is great”, “Very unique smell”, “A solid and intricate pale ale.”


As I said in the beginning, none of us are beer connoisseurs and the best way for you to decide which one is your favorite is to swing on down to Upstreet and find out for yourself. Upstreet conveniently offers ‘tasting trays’ so that you can try smaller portions of all the beers to find your favourite. As always the Cadre would love to hear what you think so if you go into Upstreet and try the beers feel free to email us your review of the beers at

Please note that all opinions are that of the Cadre team and we have not received any compensation from Upstreet to write favourably about them. We really did enjoy the beer!