By: Cadre Staff


We bring you some of our personal favourites in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!


-Via Reyes

“I don’t care, I can go anywhere with you, and I’ll probably be happy.” 
This is one of my current favourite songs and I love absolutely everything about it. The music video is also one of the cutest things ever. This is a song you want playing in the background when you’re driving around with your SO, or when you’re watching the sun set together (totally something that has happened to me), or when you’re just chilling on the couch eating Chinese food. So you’re with your SO, and they’re doing whatever they’re doing, and you look over and are suddenly hit with an intense “Holy crap, I am in love with you” kind of feeling. This song speaks of the kind of love that reawakens your soul. It’s like that grownup kind of love, the kind of love that once you’ve found, you continuously work for. I get all mushy whenever I listen to this.
“But there’s something in the way you laugh, and it makes me feel like a child”
And of course, I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not select a Jason Mraz track. He is purely genius. From the 6th grade all the way through my first few years of university, I listened to no one else. I listened to him so much that I memorized pretty much every song he’s released, including his recordings. On my 18th birthday, my dad bought me tickets to his concert in Manila and surprised me with a meet and greet (right after this, I sobbed profusely in a booth at Taco Bell, beef burrito and all in hand). His music touched my life in ways I cannot even begin to explain. It was extremely difficult picking only one of his songs to share, but I chose “After an Afternoon” because I think it beautifully captures the spirit of love and just being in love in its purest form. This song makes me melt. The live recording also definitely adds to the emotion.
-Jing Zhao

Jolin Tsai & David Tao – “Marry Me Today”

“A soft breeze blows in an unexpected love”

“Marry Me Today” is a Chinese song originally, and it also has a English version. The romantic song presents the loving couple who will never separate, and will get married. The beautiful lyric “The smell of spring flowers takes away the bitter winter cold/ A soft breeze blows in an unexpected love/ The bird’s high song pulls our distance close./At this moment, I suddenly fall in love with you” makes us feel the Spring is coming in the snow days. The loving lyric “listen to me, hand in hand,come with me and create a happy life/ Yesterday is too late, tomorrow will be a shame, marry me today.” Give a promise to your lover. Happy Valentine’s day!


-Drew MacEachern

Paper Lions – “Believer”

“You’re ready to break, I’m ready to bend”

This song is the more conventional of my two picks. ‘Valentine’s songs’ can either be referred to as such because of the song itself, or the experiences around it. While this song does deal with topics such as love, for me, this song is important for more personal reasons. I got to go to the concert where Paper Lions first unveiled this song as one of the first official dates with my girlfriend, and is a reminder that Valentine’s Day is supposed to help celebrate the people you love.

Rush- “Entre Nous”

“Each one’s life, a novel no one else has read”

People who know me know I love Rush. This isn’t a song about romance per se, but more about relationships in general. I like how it examines the true nature of relationships; the difficulty of really knowing another person, the fragility of relationships, while still being optimistic about the possibility of real interpersonal connection. It’s also the song I listened to after having my mindblown by finally understanding Slavoj Zizek.
-Elizabeth Iwunwa

Nat King Cole- “When I Fall In Love”

“When I give my heart, it will be completely”

This song first released in 1956 is one that’ll never grow old. It is one song I light a candle to after one of those days when I feel like I’ll never get a chance to love and be loved. Its lyrics reveal my ideals on love and life. It encourages me to keep hope alive and that although love requires work, it is definitely worth it. I’ll recommend it as a go-to song for daydreaming.

Chuck Wicks- “Stealing Cinderella”

“In her eyes I’m prince charming, but to him I’m just some fellow”

My love for country music started about a year ago. It has this ability to make a story out of anything from hardwood floors, to high heels. Because of the tender relationship I have with my father, the lyrics of this song hit home. If I find someone who loves half as much as my daddy does, then I’m one lucky girl.
-Taya Nabuurs

“I’m booking myself a one-way flight; I gotta see the colour in your eyes”

There’s something about this song that will always capture for me all the blissful, excited feelings that come along with the experience of loving someone and having them love you back. No matter the kind of mood I’m in, this song will always make me want to jump and dance around in my room and sing at the top of my lungs and do all the other crazy things that love makes you do. Loving someone is about having fun with them and making memories and being each other’s best friend, and I think that song captures that. Love is never easy, but it can certainly be crazy.



“Daydreamer; Sitting on the sea; Soaking up the sun”

To me, this song is all about the awe that comes with finding someone amazing and the quiet contentment of finding someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. With its raw acoustics and plucky guitar riffs, it’s in stark contrast to the fast-paced tempo of my last pick and speaks to the quieter side of contentment that love brings.

-Daniel Brown

Taylor Swift- “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

“This is it, I’ve had enough”

Taylor Swift’s classic really hit home for me back in 2012. I found that I could really relate to the core theme of the lyrics, and I also tend to discuss my feelings/dance it out with woodland creatures in these kinds of situations. Woodland creatures are super understanding and easy to express myself to. I’d often just let them right into my house and play all of my assorted string instruments, which it would seem Swift-T and I clearly have in common. Additionally, we are never ever ever getting back together, look at me being all vague and such.