By: Daniel Brown

‘Twas a bit before Christmas, when things began to get heated

A disputed Cadre article had been abruptly deleted

But now, it would seem, that people hate our guts

And are roasting us on the fire, rather than the chestnuts


What the heck happened? Did we do something wrong?

What did we do to make your feelings so strong?

Did we compromise our integrity as a consistent news outlet?

Yes? Oh. Shit.


For those of you just joining, here is the situation

An SU Exec. released their letter of resignation

An anonymous response questioned its content

The war had begun, and it was quite the event


Now the Cadre was caught in the middle of it all

Allegations were made and we made a tough call

Our goal is to get the conversation started

Even if the material is not all lighthearted


Were we true to this recently? Nope. We weren’t.

The angry feedback came in a smooth, steady current

How in today’s world do we avoid being hypocrites?

Please, dear God, we just want some hot chocolate


So here we are now, we’re not here to justify

We expect criticism when things like this go awry

An unfortunate way to send off our last week

But unfortunately, it’s about to become much more bleak


We editors of the Cadre all choose to resign

Enough is enough, this is the end of the line

We have made our decision, thus we’ll be on our waya

So long, from Drew, Via, Jing, Elizabeth, Daniel & Taya


Nah, just kidding. Could you imagine?

Quitting our jobs in such an unusual fashion?

That’d be unprofessional, and terrible timing

And we’d be ridiculed by all this repetitive rhyming


It is safe to say that it all got out of hand

And it is safe to say this is not what we planned

What more can we say, other than that we are keen

To apply what we learned in 2016


Until then, fellow students, sorry for the fuss

We now know what it looks like underneath the bus

Have a very Merry Christmas, be glad and rejoice

And let Michael soothe you with his sexy voice