By: Drew MacEachern

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Cadre’s podcast, “The Ten-Foot Pole”. In this first edition, we will be discussing the issue of white privilege with Dante Bazard, a Psychology Honours student.

Over the summer, I thought that creating a podcast where students can talk about issues would be a good way of expanding and improving not only the Cadre’s presence on campus, but also its quality. As the name suggests, my ideal goal would be for the podcast to provide a platform where students could discuss issues that other people would not want to touch with a 10-foot pole. This is the first step in that direction and I hope we can improve the format further to give UPEI students content that is both interesting and enlightening.

There are several people I’d like to thank in particular for this podcast. The Cadre’s very own Managing Editor Daniel Brown was instrumental in providing the technical support that allowed this podcast to happen in the first place. The title of the podcast itself comes from a classmate of mine, Morgan Sandiford, who suggested it while he and I where discussing the nature of what I wanted to do. My friend Joseph Ong also helped me out by volunteering his talents and time in composing the “Ten-Foot Pole Theme Song” which plays at the beginning. Finally, I’d like to thank Dante Bazard for agreeing to come on and test out the waters with us.

We hope to be expanding on this as the rest of the year unfolds, developing both the format and our presentation skills. As we get more comfortable, we plan to experiment with the format, including the addition of more people to moderate debates. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Without further ado, here is the first edition of the Ten-Foot Pole for your listening pleasure: