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UPEI Arts Review Author Profile: Stephanie Cairns

The Arts Review is a student-led print publication that strives to promote excellence in student writing at UPEI. Last year, the Review published its sixth volume: White Water. This volume contains a wide variety of both creative and academic pieces that... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing, Writing, Writing…

So now that you’ve all become such improved writers, it does seem unfortunate that we are only two sleeps away from the end of the term. I know what you’re thinking: Graphy, I’m tired of essays, and tests, and school,... Continue Reading →

When in Doubt, Consult the Experts: Writing Tips from a Few Famous Friends

I know you are all deep into writing just about everything these days: theses, essays, reports, cover letters, and resumes. And I know that when you’re switching rhetorical gears, it’s easy to focus on formatting requirements and forget the bottom... Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesdays with Gary Graphite: Gone Writing

Gone Writing: Hope you are doing the same! So here we are, a whole week later, and what a week it’s been! I’ve been slugging through some pretty deep essay-writing quagmire, hanging with my friends, and scrambling to put together... Continue Reading →

A Cheatsheet for Academic Formatting

Friggin’ formats, am I right? They’re so confusing, and there are countless rules and regulations to follow. It also doesn’t help that there are at least three different types I can think of off the top of my head! I... Continue Reading →

How to be the Most Interesting Writer In the World

Titles are a special form of hell. Coming up with a title that grasps the attention of readers, while also giving them a clear sense of what your paper is about, is incredibly tricky. For students, the audience of your... Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesdays with Gary Graphite: Resumés

We all know that life ain’t cheap. And at some point or another, you’re going to have to get a … job (AHHH!) Whether you’re looking for summer employment, or a full-time gig after you graduate, here are some tips... Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesdays with G. Graphite: Comma Splices

So … A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves. Get it? If not, you’re definitely not alone. Comma splices are tricky little grammatical errors that pop up in a lot of writing, and... Continue Reading →

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