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4 Reasons Why You Should Vote in the SU Elections

Student Union elections are coming up on March 7th and 8th and will be available in your campus login. Some may cast this aside as unimportant in their already overstressed student life. I am writing this to urge every UPEI... Continue Reading →

The Cadre Chats with Liberal Candidate Sean Casey

By: Taya Nabuurs and Drew MacEachern As today is Election Day today, and people will soon be heading to the polls for the last time this election, we at the Cadre have decided to post some last-minute interviews with the... Continue Reading →

Your Electoral Guide – The Green Party Platform

By: Lindsay MacGregor [Editor's Note: This is the third installment of our electoral guide series. To make sure everything is released prior to the Election on Monday, the Cadre will publishing periodically over the weekend. Stay tuned to make sure... Continue Reading →

Your Electoral Guide – The NDP Platform

By: Sarah Crosby On October 9th, the New Democratic Party released a 72-­page report, outlining the plans and promises they would put into action should they be elected on October 19th. It goes into great detail over all aspects of... Continue Reading →

UPEI Part of Elections Canada Pilot Program

By: Fallon Mawhinney After one day of special balloting for the October 19th federal election, you’d have to work pretty hard to escape the barrage of posters, Facebook posts, and people hassling you while you’re drinking your morning coffee to head down to... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Fall General Election Underway!

By: Drew MacEachern The UPEI Student Union Fall General Election will be held on October 6th and 7th this year and will feature 21 students running for a variety of positions. Students will be able to vote for representatives within their constituencies; first... Continue Reading →

The Cadre Chats with Robert Ghiz (One More Time)

By: Drew MacEachern After attending Politics on Tap, the Cadre had the chance to sit down and chat with former Premier of PEI, Robert Ghiz. Robert Ghiz served as Leader of the Liberal Party of PEI from 2003 until his... Continue Reading →

Politics on Tap: Why Should Young People Care About Voting?

By: Taya Nabuurs At an event co-hosted by the Young Voters of Prince Edward Island and the UPEISU Get Out the Vote campaign, young political activists along with former and current politicians alike gathered at The Pourhouse on Monday evening... Continue Reading →

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