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October 29th Council Meeting Recap

The UPEISU Council met on October 29th for their fourth regularly scheduled meeting of the semester. The meeting saw prolonged discussion on executive evaluations (which occupied half of the meeting time), as well as motions on rape culture, land acknowledgments,... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Council Recap – Feb. 28th 2016

By: Fallon Mawhinney The UPEI Student Union meeting for February 28 proved to be brief and unusually focused on hypothetical rapper names. First, Bob Deziel opened the meeting with last meeting’s minutes and this meeting’s agenda. After the motion to... Continue Reading →

Meet Your Reps – Senate Rep Owen Shaw

By: Jing Zhao Owen Shaw is one of your Senate Representatives on the Senate of the University of Prince Edward Island. There are three Senate Representatives, namely Zak Jarvis, Stephen Wilfeard, and Owen Shaw. The UPEI Senate performs an important... Continue Reading →

Meet Your Candidates: Senate Reps Fall 2015

By: Drew MacEachern and Via Reyes One of the more competitive races this election is the one for Senate Rep. Four candidates are fighting for two positions and all four of them seem to be running high profile campaigns. The... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Fall General Election Underway!

By: Drew MacEachern The UPEI Student Union Fall General Election will be held on October 6th and 7th this year and will feature 21 students running for a variety of positions. Students will be able to vote for representatives within their constituencies; first... Continue Reading →

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