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Letter: Life Gives you Lemons; Meal Hall Doesn’t

Growing up, I was always preached to about eating the daily intake of fresh fruits that was prescribed to me not only by Canada’s Food Guide but also by my parents. They told me tall tales of princesses who gained... Continue Reading →

HMCS Queen Charlotte Hosts Soup for the Soul at UPEI

By: Spencer Lee CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – Members of HMCS Queen Charlotte served soup to students at the University of Prince Edward Island. The soup came as a reprieve for most students, many of whom were either coming from or going... Continue Reading →

Soup for the Soul: Origin & Purpose

By: Lorelei Kenny Soup for the Soul is a mental health and healthy eating initiative, hosted by various campus and community groups at the UPEI Chaplaincy Centre three times per semester. It is a time for students and staff to... Continue Reading →

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