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Getting Involved in Your Academic Community Opens the Gateway to an Awesome Experience

Photo: taken by a UPEI student on a field trip to Basin Head    Yes, you should attend your classes and take every opportunity to participate and learn in the context of your courses, but … there is more! When... Continue Reading →

UPEI Global Village and Gala Event a Success!

By: Jing Zhao On April 2, 2016, the Society of International Students (SIS) successfully held the UPEI Global Village and Gala Event . Saturday night, UPEI students  were encouraged to “discover and experience the world” at Macmillan Hall. There were... Continue Reading →

The Apparent Criteria for Creation Pt 5 – Conclusion

By: Daniel Brown So what’s this bigoted, prejudiced, geeky bastard trying to say?   Increasing the levels of diversity within the MCU; that of both gender and ethnicity; is an excellent decision. Not only does it correlate with the demands... Continue Reading →

The Apparent Criteria for Creation Pt 4 – Enter Iron Fist

By: Daniel Brown For this case study, I’ll be delving a bit more into the character's original comics.   First appearing back in 1974, Iron Fist was created as a response to the growing popularity of kung fu action movies.... Continue Reading →

The Apparent Criteria for Creation Pt. 3 – Panther’s Quest

By: Daniel Brown In the next few months, Captain America: Civil War is going to be hitting theatres, and in it we will be introduced to one of Marvel's more unique characters. Yes, this is including the size-altering thief, the... Continue Reading →

The Apparent Criteria for Creation Pt. 2 – Widow’s Sting

By: Daniel Brown Anyone can look at the current line up of superhero films, both within the MCU and outside of it, and see that it is pretty well dominated by male protagonists. Past attempts at a female led superhero... Continue Reading →

The Apparent Criteria for Creation, Pt. 1

By: Daniel Brown We’ve got a lot of movies being thrown at us these days. A lot of it is pretty much the same thing being recycled, with a different take or a new twist, but that’s not to forget... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Amendment

By: Anonymous I would like to make an amendment to my first article, as I am comfortable admitting when I am in mistaken. One of the things I mentioned was Mental Health Week, of which I was critical. My experience... Continue Reading →

Opening the Door for Inclusion

By: Anonymous Creating a diverse environment helps us to open doors, and make spaces more welcoming for students. Students acknowledge this whether or not it’s a conscious awareness. From a systemic standpoint UPEI seems to be at a stalemate. While... Continue Reading →

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