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“Contributing to the Betterment of Our Communities”

The Baha’i faith has recently celebrated the bicentenary of the birth of its founder Bahá’u’lláh. Although it is a relatively younger faith tradition compared to its peers, Baha’ism has spirited followers all over the world. Baha’ism as a faith is based on three fundamental doctrines: the unity of God, unity of religion and unity of humanity.

PEI has a healthy and growing Baha’i community and its members have been active in organizing several events. Events organized by PEI’s Baha’i community are aimed at the collective betterment of the locals as well as self-improvement. One such event was the nine-day long Youth Mentorship program in Summerside that was held in May 2017.

The Baha’i Institute Board Atlantic is organizing a PEI Youth Gathering from November 11th-13th at UPEI. The conference’s specific objectives are communal learning, personal skill advancement, knowledge exchange, youth mentorship and community transformation. The conference intends to focus especially on the role of youth in our communities by means of discussions, study and arts.

One of the objectives of this conference is to construct a concrete plan for a future course of action that appropriately engages the local youth. A community’s roles and responsibilities towards its youth is another issue that is on the agenda of this conference. The last date to register for this event is November 8th.

The event will be held in the Faculty Lounge of the Saint Dunstan’s University Main Building at UPEI and will be an enriching experience especially for students. The event is free and is open to anyone aged between 15 to 30 years of age. The wide age range is indicative of the scope for potential intergenerational learning.

It is an opportunity for everyone in the community to effect meaningful change in their communities and interact with people in a safe and relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

By: Adi Vella