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Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing, Writing, Writing…

So now that you’ve all become such improved writers, it does seem unfortunate that we are only two sleeps away from the end of the term. I know what you’re thinking: Graphy, I’m tired of essays, and tests, and school, and I’ll be glad to see an end to these endless damn papers. Okay, okay, I get it. But don’t lose all the great work you’ve done by giving up on the writing now! Take this summer to have fun with writing. No deadlines, no essays, no research. Just you, a pen, or a laptop, and some quality writing fun.

Try These Fun Types of Writing:

1. Journal Writing
Like I’ve said previously, journalling is a godsend when it comes to your mental health and your writing skills. You can journal whatever the heck you want, and you can experiment with voice and style. No one is going to read and grade your journal. This simple practice of putting your thoughts into words will help you become a better writer.

2. Make Lists

Your writing doesn’t have to involve complete sentences: make jot notes and lists. A list is a great way to keep you organized, improve your memory, and practice concise writing skills.
Get experimental. Maybe even incorporate journal writing and lists by trying out bullet journals. Check out these rad websites to get started.

3. Write a Letter to Somebody
Back in the olden days, when pictures were taken with an actual camera, and your parents endured blizzards and hungry wolf packs during their 10-mile hike to school, hand-written letters were the only mode of communication. This summer, forget email and forget texting. Try writing an actual letter to your grandma. She will love you for it, and your writing will love the extra practice.

4. Blogging
With bloggers and vloggers taking over the internet, you may as well hop on board. Some bloggers even make some money off of it! It’s like an online diary of the things that you’re doing and the things that you’re interested in. Check out the blog of one of our writing tutors (who also happens to be this year’s Editor of The Cadre).

5. Creative Writing
Got a poem or short story gathering dust? Now’s the time to unearth it. Need the help of a deadline? Take a look at places for writers for some awesome contests and publishing opportunities. Or, if you simply want to have some fun, check out these neat prompts.

There are so many different ways to have some non-stressful writing fun. The bottom line? As long as you pick up a pen or sit down with a laptop to spend a little bit of time writing, you will be sure to improve those skills over the summer.

For the hardy souls taking summer courses? Check out the WC, because we will be open. Stay tuned for our hours.

For the rest of you? Two more sleeps. And then . . . I release you, my writing apprentices.

Your friend,
G. Graphite