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Zootopia: Is it an Utopia?

By: Jing Zhao

Recently, the movie ZOOTOPIA was screened globally. The cute rabbit-Judy, the crafty fox-Nick, and the other mammals shows in the big city Zootopia. “Zootopia” can be separated to two words, which is zoo and Utopia. However, can the city of Zootopia be classified as a utopia?

Judy, the rabbit, has a dream to become a police officer, but she struggles against the stereotype that police officers should be big, strong animals, like tigers or cows. Judy, as a small mammal, should stick to selling carrots and blueberry. People express that she should not be a police officer, because it is not her role in society. Zootopia is ruled by the existence of various stereotypes that are meant to explain the roles of various animals in society. There is inequality between them. How can Zootopia be the Utopia?

However, Judy has a strong mind that she uses to challenge the stereotype and successfully becomes a police officer. Despite experiencing many difficulties, she does not give up in the pursuit of her dream. She keeps in her mind that she can make it. She challenges former roles and makes the society with kindness and care.

The other character, Nick is a crafty fox. He is also a victim of the stereotypes of society. When he was young, he was treated like a predator. Although he tries to be friendly and kind to the other animals, he is hurt by the other’s disrespect, due to their preconceived notions of him. From then on, he has to be cool and cold to protect himself. He is not treated equally by others, and he is judged according to stereotypes. How can this world be the Utopia?

However, Judy’s helpfulness and kindness eventually get through to Nick. Nick changes. He changes back to his normal personality in which he loves to help others. He gets the trust and respect from Judy that he needs and deserves. The world is starting to become a Utopia.

Judy fulfills her role as a police officer to give her hand to whoever needs it, and at the same time, she supports justice and right. When the Vice Mayor does something wrong, she does not pity for the sheep and judges equally. Judy is full of the justice and rightness. She plays an important role in the Zootopia. She awakens Nick’s kind personality. She even turns Zootopia to be a Utopia.

The world of Utopia is the place that people care about each other and help each other. The world is full of justice, rights, and equality. At the end, Zootopia turns to Utopia.