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Inside the 2nd Annual UPEI Case Competition

By: Dan Timen

And the winning team is…

These words captured the attention of the UPEI students in Downtown Charlottetown’s Next Door Lounge on Friday evening. The large crowd in suits and blazers eagerly anticipated the announcement of the winners of the UPEI Business Society’s 2nd Annual Case Competition.

Briefly explained, in a case competition teams are given a business-related problem that needs to be analyzed and solved. Teams are encouraged to get creative, and use knowledge attained in the classroom. Each group is given 3 hours of prep-time to produce a 15 minute presentation, and the team with the best recommendation wins. This year, five teams competed for a $200 top prize. The competition was sponsored by MRSB Group, who sent three of their representatives to volunteer as judges alongside UPEI Finance Professor Andrew Carrothers and the UPEI’s case team coach Mary Whitrow.

January 12th, Friday, 11:30 AM – McDougall Hall

I showed up at McDougall Hall on Friday morning. In the break-out rooms were the teams, preparing with the guidance of an assigned mentor from the UPEI Case Team that travels the world and brings home the trophies. Mentors ensured that the guidelines were clear to each team and helped steer them in the right direction. One of the mentors, Callum Wood, said it was the first case for many of the teams. “They all seem to be doing pretty well,” he said. “They’re coming up with some interesting ideas so it’s pretty fun to watch.” Like a scene from Dragon’s Den, the judges were ready in a classroom. The judges would be evaluating a case about a company that produced golf balls. With most of the Business Society executive team being avid golfers, it seemed appropriate.

You could really sense the tension when each team made their way into the room. After each presentation, the judges interacted with the presenting team in a Q&A, then the team would re-group outside the room to receive feedback from their mentor. The presentations went well; nobody fainted from the pressure, so that was a plus.

Later that evening – Next Door Lounge

Photo: UPEI Business Society

The Next Door Lounge, a venue I’ve never been to before, seemed like the perfect spot for the celebratory vibe. The stocked bar wasn’t bad either, and only those of age paid a visit to the bartender (obviously). In attendance were the competitors, judges, and members of the society.

Once everyone settled into their seats Alex Dunne said a few thankful words for the judges, competitors, and everyone who made the event possible. Mary Whitrow then announced the winners: the team of Sam MacPhail, Colin Koughan, Ethan MacFadyen, and Jacob Stewart.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the next case competition, follow the UPEI Business Society on social media and keep an eye out for announcements!

Featured Photo: Dan Timen