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Introduction to the 2017-18 UPEISU Executive Report Cards

In mid-March, a new crop of executives were elected and hired, keen to improve the lives of students at UPEI. The executives are now more than halfway through their term, so the editorial board of The Cadre sat down with each SU executive to talk about what they’ve been up to and what progress they’ve made on their goals.

The purpose of this activity is to look beyond the vague goals and aspirations and place each executive’s performance under a critical lens.

Our evaluation will be informed on the following:

“A” Range

This person went above and beyond what is traditionally required and expected for the role. They overachieve on their goals while making it look easy. They are a standard for future executives. This person would probably walk on water if you asked them.

“B” Range

This person did a great job and might have expanded or redefined their role too. This person can demonstrate tangible progress on their goals.

“C” Range

This person was on autopilot for most of the year. There may have been flashes of promise but essentially this person did what was required/expected and not much else.

“D” Range

This person also appears to be coasting through their term. However, this grade reflects not so much flashes of promise, but of behaviour that could be classified as borderline misguided or self-serving. This person avoids specifics when discussing their progress, calling into question their handle on their portfolio. This person fulfilled their role, barely.


This person should be impeached or fired immediately. They probably talk loudly in the Red Zone or borrow someone’s guitar at a party to play a cover of Wonderwall.

These evaluations solely reflect the opinions of the editors involved in the evaluation process. We have tried our best to be impartial and accurate in our assessments.

Individual report cards to be released daily this week.

This rubric has been adapted from the 2016-2017 SU executive report cards rubric developed by The Gateway, with permission. We thank them for their support. 

By: The Cadre Editorial Board

Photo: UPEI Galleries