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Immerse Yourself in One of the Top Business Conferences in Canada

The Ted Rogers Management Conference (TRMC) is one of the largest undergraduate business conferences in Canada, hosted by the Ted Rogers School of Management. This conference is intended to gather the brightest students from across North America for an extraordinary professional development experience. 

The conference lasts three days. Activities include a case competition, various workshops, panel discussions, and many networking opportunities with the world’s leading companies. TRMC 2018 will take place from March 8th to the 10th in the Hilton Hotel, in Downtown Toronto. TRMC is accepting applicants until November 30th.

Past speakers at TRMC include:

– Paul Beeston, President and CEO, Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre

– Adam Blinick, Head of Public Affairs, Uber Canada

– Mark Swierszcs, Manager of Youtube Space Toronto

– Allan MacDonald. Executive Vice-President, Canadian Tire

– Carol Wilding, President and CEO, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario

This year, TRMC will be hosting the annual Ryerson Business Forum (RBF) which will be comprised of the most established business figures to showcase the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit at Ryerson University, and the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Last year, one of the two delegates representing UPEI was business student Jonathan Leslie. The Cadre asked Leslie to describe his experience, “My overall experience at TRMC was a positive one. The delegates and organizers were very inclusive and engaging,” he said.  When asked about why he applied he stated, “To be immersed in the culture of business.” One of the highlights for Leslie was the Gala at the Royal Grand, describing it as a “good ending to an intense conference.” Leslie will be applying for TRMC again this year.

UPEI’s Campus Representative for TRMC 2018 can be contacted at


By: Daniel Timen

Photo: Ryerson University 

Disclosure: The author of this article is the UPEI Campus Representative for TRMC 2018