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How to Halloween Party: 101

How to host a rad party you ask? Well, you need good music for starters, you could bring some mad flipping lights and if you’re feeling really ambitious, add a few smoke machines. You’d be amazed how these things can transform any space into a dance floor. Throw loads of alcohol into that mix and you’ve almost got yourself a party.

There’s one essential thing that you really can’t do without and that’s a fabulous fun-loving crowd. That’s exactly what got the celebration going at this year’s Halloween pub. People were hugging everywhere, rocking out to the tunes and being awesome in general. The selfies that made it to hundreds of Instagram profiles and snapchat stories are a testament to the fact that it was probably THE best party of this year.

The foul windy weather did nothing to deter the throngs of youngsters to come out and cut the rug a little (or a lot), jam out and turn a mundane October evening into a wild night.

The beauty of partying in McMillan Hall is that whenever you get tired of dancing, you can walk out of the dance floor and regain your breath while still affording a full view of the crowd and DJ. As an amateur party animal myself, After going to Halloween Pub for the first time ever, in fact, a UPEISU wet dry event for the first time, I am reduced to just these two words: “What fun!”

The music kept getting better and the bartenders were jogging behind the counter to keep up with demand. I’m sure I saw a lone Bjorn Borg in the crowd just killing it on the dance floor. Then I saw him leave shortly after and never reappear. A wild smurf walked up to me with her Catwoman friend and smiled. I smiled a safe and slightly confused smile back at them. I think they both were a tad disappointed that I wasn’t dressed up as anything interesting.

Not too long after I encountered Catwoman and her smurf pal, I was approached by a trio of exceedingly enthusiastic ladies. “We’re dressed up as nurses, what is your costume?” they asked. “A tired student longing to graduate”, said I. In my mind that was a funny line but I don’t think they saw much humor in it. They left very shortly after and our high spirited conversation reached its untimely end. I refused to let that incident faze me because up until Thursday night, I had NEVER been in a room with those many people dressed as cats. Checked that item off my bucket list!

As for music, the DJs certainly knew how to work the crowd. Well placed lulls afforded all the dancers some respite (or more vodka) in between songs. The music itself was exhilarating and kept the crowd on their toes! The real superstars of the night, however, were the volunteers and security, it’s never an easy task to manage those many ‘happy’ people. I’m sure all patrons appreciated their gentle but firm demeanor.

Besides all the cats, the variety of costumes I saw that night was unreal, everything from Harry Potters to Targaeryens to pineapples. People really put a lot of thought into their costumes and the result was very much like being in a Hayao Miyazaki creation but with characters from every corner of pop culture.

Oh, and shout out to Brooklyn and Sabrina from ‘The Purge’, you know who you are. I told you I am a man of my word.


By: Adi Vella



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