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Letter to the Editor: Fighting the Current

UPEI’s campus pub, The Wave, has been in operation since 2002. Over the years, students have seen it rise and fall over and over again. In an article posted by the Cadre in 2014, the writer claimed the Wave was back on two feet and beginning to become “less of a hot mess”. Today, in 2017, an article by the Cadre was once again published, titled “Farewell to the Wave?”. Have the tides changed over the years?

The Student Union is a student-run non-profit organization. The Wave falls under this and is run by students, for students. Students every year join council, become executives and work in positions all paid by the Student Union.

In a recent article published by the Cadre, it is being suggested that The Wave will be shutting its doors by the new school year. Though it is true that the planned renovations fell through this summer, the Wave hired Chef Illona Daniels to redesign the menu. The menu is a hit with students; there is a constant wave of students and staff enjoying the food.

The Student Union wants to see The Wave succeed. Every campus needs a campus pub. Without it, where would we hold the majority of our events? No Wednesday night trivia, or Wet-Dry pubs? Why do we let articles circulate that are only ruining the reputation of our beloved Wave, by leading students to believe it is a failing business?

The Wave may be drowning in outdated furniture, but it has true character. Though it hasn’t seen renovations in years, the friendly staff every year keep it full of energy. With the new menu and old charm, it is a common “hangout area” for many students, including myself. I consider The Wave my home away from home. I sit in class, waiting to get out so I can head over to The Wave and see my friends and have that sense of community.

If we want real information on what has been going on renovation-wise, why not talk to an inside source, like someone who has been around The Wave for years. Student Union executives rotate each year, bringing new ideas to the table, but there is no stability in these positions. The Wave manager has been employed for 4 years and knows the business through and through. He has seen the changeover in executives and the ideas they have for The Wave. However, the question remains: will any of these ideas ever be implemented?

Though it may be true that The Wave will be retired in years to come, that doesn’t mean UPEI will go without a campus pub. The Wave is a part of UPEI, not something that can be altered with the push of a button. Renovations will come, but when? Whether it sinks or swims, for now, let’s make The Wave the best it can be. No more articles that lead students astray from the idea that The Wave is worth their time. It is home to many, including myself.
By: An Anonymous Waver