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HMCS Queen Charlotte Hosts Soup for the Soul at UPEI

By: Spencer Lee

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – Members of HMCS Queen Charlotte served soup to students at the University of Prince Edward Island. The soup came as a reprieve for most students, many of whom were either coming from or going to their midterm examinations on February 15th.  

The menu included a classic french onion soup, as well as, a hardy clam chowder and was served at the Chaplaincy Centre, located in the heart of UPEI’s campus.  The event, Soup for the Soul, is a regular occurrence at the Chaplaincy Centre and offers a welcoming environment where students can show up and receive a hot bowl of soup during midterm examinations.

Over a hundred and fifty bowls of soup were served on February 15th and the feedback from students was very positive.  “I think it’s a really good thing to have here,” said one student, “I just wish there was soup all the time!”

Different organizations take turns hosting Soup for the Soul every month throughout the academic year.  HMCS Queen Charlotte was the first off-campus organization to take on the duties of preparing and serving of soup to the students.  Speaking on behalf of HMCS Queen Charlotte, Master Seaman Dave MacPherson said “it is a great way for us to get involved in the student community and interact with people on a personal level,” and added that “soup is a navy tradition which is served steadfastly at 10:00 am every day on warships, and we are happy to share that tradition with the students of UPEI.”

The Chaplaincy Centre is a spiritual resource for students to use that keeps a stockroom full of non-perishable items that can be taken by any student in need.  

“It was a very successful day,” said Master Seaman MacPherson, “we had a lot of people come up and thank us for our participation and giving us compliments on the soup and chowder.”  Student volunteer Ifeanyi Okafor, who took the reins had this to say, “It was a good turnout for students and the atmosphere looked to be really positive”, “we would love to have HMCS Queen Charlotte back here again.”

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