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Teaming Up to Tour: Liz Stringer // Tim Moxam

By: Lorelei Kenny

Independent solo artists Tim Moxam from Toronto, Canada and Liz Stringer from Melbourne, Australia are collaborating together for a two-week tour through eastern Canada. These dynamic artists will be hitting up The Dunk in Breadalbane and The Old Triangle in Charlottetown THIS weekend.

Liz is a folk-pop artist who writes mostly story-based songs. Her songs are often about the stories of others, rather than about her own stories. Liz adds that music is generally what comes easier to her and that it is often the lyrics that require more attention, “that’s why I have so many half-finished songs” she says. Her newest studio album All The Bridges (2016), however, is distinct from her previous records. Unlike previous albums that had a more acoustic folk vibe, All The Bridges is mostly electric and has more of a rock’n’roll feel. She wanted to produce something different, and to “treat the songs the right way, it required electric guitar solos and lots of background vocals!”

Tim is an alternative folk-country singer who plays guitar, piano, trumpet and drums. Although he is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, he says “lyrics are everything!” He added that “inspiration comes in the form of an instrumental melody or a lyric that stands out, but from that point on, the lyrics dominate the process either way.” His debut solo album Soft Summer (2016) includes songs from the past ten years of his musical career. He adds “in that sense, there is an arch or storyline that tells the story of my life from many angles. It is truly an expansion of the same concept as presented in my EP, Blue Son.”

Both Tim and Liz have performed on PEI in the past. Liz performed at the Festival of Small Halls and at Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival last summer, and she also toured with PEI’s very own The East Pointers in Australia back in January 2016. Liz said that she really hit it off with The East Pointers and that she “was keen to get over to their neck of the woods because they talked it up so much! I loved it!” And Tim recently performed at the Dunk in Breadalbane and has played Charlottetown several times in the past with his former band, Great Bloomers. He said Charlottetown has left quite the impression on him and that it has been a source of inspiration in his writing. He too is looking forward to returning to PEI!

Both artists expressed their love for the autonomy and freedom that comes along with being an independent artist. Tim finished off by saying, “I am not seeking fame or fortune, just happiness. Music makes me happy!” Tim’s words would resonate with most independent artists because even though the life of an independent musician is difficult, it is also extremely rewarding and fulfilling, and that makes it all worthwhile.



    Saturday, February 4th

    Door open at 8:30

    Tickets are a suggested donation of $20


    Sunday February 5th

    Doors open at 6pm with music at 7pm

    Tickets are $20.