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Priceless Piece: Why You Should Listen to Angelo Mota’s House of Diamonds

By: Iain Burhoe

The state of music is something up for debate as of recently. With a heavy focus on more electronic and sounds, there is a lack of lyricism in today’s pieces. Rap music has been the biggest hit to this ideology, with more than a few of the hits nowadays featuring mumble rap.

This style is fine if you are not looking for smart wordplay and sentences that are too bizarre that make you question the sanity of the musician. Enter TeamBackPack. The platform is used to boost independent rappers into the public eyes.

A big thing they pride themselves on is how strong the rappers are. How their flow is and what they are speaking about plays a big part into what TBP stands for. The album they voted the best of the year was House of Diamonds by Angelo Mota. Released on October 27, 2016, the album is truly a standout in modern music.

Every song on the album makes the listener fall into a different mindset. “One Day” brings the feeling of uncertainty in moments where people praise you, “Oath” is for when you could care less about the opinions of others, and “Dawn” is to reminisce about the past lover you can’t get to shake.

The human tones of Mota bring out the liveliness of the album. Every song has their flow and fits the background beat. My personal favorite on HOD was “The End”, as Mota successfully pulls off an 180 on the tempo, starting with an upbeat tone, and then turns it into an intense uptight beat. The album is a true showing of what the artist is capable of.

` Angelo Mota may not be your favorite rapper, hell you may have never heard of him, but this is why you should take the time to listen to it. Mota is criminally under-rated who should be on everyone’s radar, and House of Diamonds is a testament to just how good he is. Painting a verbal masterpiece with his words, he shows that just how to let the words express the message he wants.

The music he’s created is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a cruise in the car with friends or a house party. Each song has their own vibe to express what Mota is going for. For an independent rapper, this sounds like a platinum album if I’ve ever heard one.

We need more music to come from this man, and we need more in-depth music that actually speaks of something, instead of nonsense or drugs that we should be on. Music should make us feel connected, and Angelo Mota does an excellent job at showing this.  I will no doubt support whatever the man does, and you should too.