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UPEI Arts Review Volume VII: Call for Submissions

Operating under the wing of the UPEI Writing Centre, the UPEI Arts Review is the only student-led print publication on the UPEI campus. The Arts Review displays academic and creative writing produced by UPEI students. Their mission is to promote excellence in writing and to give students the opportunity to sharpen their writing skills and take pride in their university work.

This academic year the UPEI Arts Review will be publishing their seventh volume. The Review accepts submissions of many genres, including but not limited to essays, scientific papers, short stories, comics, journalism, rants, speeches, blog posts, poetry, and scripts. Multiple submissions are allowed, so the possibilities are endless.

The theme of each Arts Review volume is structured around the submissions they receive. Instead of predetermining a theme which would limit the acceptable content, they allow for the works of the contributing student authors to shape the volume’s theme. Past volumes such as Snowed In, Walkabout, and White Water have had themes like exploration and student journey. The editorial board anticipates the arrival of more and more submissions for Volume VII, and they look forward to seeing how this year’s theme grows and develops.

The Arts Review offers students the opportunity to engage in a more interactive and real-life editing process. Plus, it is an excellent way for students to obtain a professional publication credit during their time here at UPEI.

As midterms come to a close, flip through your graded papers and assignments, and ask yourself: “Is this a topic I’m passionate about and want to continue developing? Is this a paper or assignment I’m proud of? Is this something I would like to work on alongside an editor?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider submitting to the Arts Review.

If you are interested in submitting some of your work, please email the editorial board at and be sure to include your piece(s) with a 500-word abstract. They will also be accepting artwork/photography submissions later in the term (the official art/photo call for submissions will come out later in October). The deadline for written submissions is December 23, 2017.


By: Julia Henderson  

Photo: The editorial board of the Arts Review, Volume VI: White Water