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Dean of Nursing Takes Over Student Health Centre

The UPEI Student Health Centre has recently come under the control of the Dean of Nursing, Dr. Gulrose Jiwani.

UPEISU President Hammad Ahmed referenced the change at the September 10th meeting of Council. He said the topic was raised during a meeting in June. At that June meeting, it was announced that Student Affairs would be moving into Dalton Hall following the renovations of the building, with the Health Centre occupying the space formerly held by Student Affairs. The change took effect August 1.

Most students who use the Health Centre probably haven’t noticed the change of leadership, and that is because not much has changed, yet. In an interview with The Cadre, Dr. Jiwani commended the previous leadership of Treena Smith, manager of Student Affairs, and the nurses and doctors who have already built a momentum with the Health Centre, and so no noticeable changes have been made to date.

Dr. Jiwani has a malleable, though clear vision for the Health Centre, as a place that addresses the evolving needs of students from across various backgrounds. She hopes to learn more about the needs of UPEI students using online surveys and focus groups later on in the semester. As of right now, she has no major immediate changes in mind for the services that the Health Centre will provide.

As the faculty of nursing takes on a greater role at the Health Centre, UPEI nursing students will continue to do clinical placements there, like they always have. Dr. Jiwani would like to see the clinic open year-round, rather than just during the school year. Patients who already have all of their files at the centre and feel familiar with the staff would not have to worry about going somewhere else.  
Dr. Jiwani invites anyone who would like to contribute feedback or input regarding The Health Centre to email her at, or wait for a more formal feedback time later on in the semester.


By: Allison O’Brien