A Cheatsheet for Academic Formatting

Friggin’ formats, am I right? They’re so confusing, and there are countless rules and regulations to follow. It also doesn’t help that there are at least three different types I can think of off the top of my head! I... Continue Reading →

Official Election Results

You probably know this by now, but to conclude our SU election series, we bring you the official results. These were ratified by the Student Council on Sunday, the 12th of March, 2017. Hammad Ahmed garnered 757 votes to become... Continue Reading →

Yes! myUPEI- Debunking “Not My myUPEI”

Everyone needs to calm down, take a deep breath, and remember we are in a transition period. Okay sure, using myUPEI for 2017 Summer Registration was a little hectic and confusing. But to accuse the university of neglecting to give... Continue Reading →

Release the Zombies: How to be Your Own Writing Action Hero

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but these long winter nights have been just the thing for getting caught up on The Walking Dead. The other night, after about seven straight hours in front of the tv,... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Why You Should Vote in the SU Elections

Student Union elections are coming up on March 7th and 8th and will be available in your campus login. Some may cast this aside as unimportant in their already overstressed student life. I am writing this to urge every UPEI... Continue Reading →


There are two days in the year when students are actually excited to log into their Campus Login: regular semester registration day (which happens at the end of May) and summer semester registration day (which is at the end of... Continue Reading →

One More Thing

Besides selecting who will run the SU ship come September, there's one more decision students have to make. It is regarding changes to the by-laws and the Constitution of the UPEI SU. In order to answer the question with ample information,... Continue Reading →

Footage from the Wednesday Night Debate

Here is the footage from the debate at the Wave on Wednesday night. As students make voting decisions come the 7th and 8th of March, they are encouraged to gather as much information as they can by visiting the various... Continue Reading →

Well, That was Brutal

By: Morin Mawhinney As many of you (hopefully) know, the Student Union Election Debate was held last night at the Wave. Many of you are also probably wondering where the formal coverage of said debate is, and I promise it’s... Continue Reading →

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