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Autumn Walk at Macphail Woods

Woodlands are wonderful places at any time of the year, but a forest in autumn is always special. There are still lots of birds around, the witch hazel is blooming, and many plants are showing their fall colours. On Sunday,... Continue Reading →

The Five Degrees of Meme Admiration

Memes. Maymays. If you’ve come within fifty feet of the internet in the past ten years, you’re familiar with them, whether you know it or not. They saturate our news feeds with seemingly random images and videos that, when paired... Continue Reading →

Business Society Food Drive 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means many of us will be celebrating and sharing great moments with our loved ones. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on and appreciate the blessings in our lives. It is also... Continue Reading →

This Was The Moment Pitbull Truly Became President

After numerous failed attempts at overhauling the healthcare system that has drawn the ire of advocacy groups and celebrities alike, it’s clear why the American people have lost faith in the federal government. However, it appears that the executive branch... Continue Reading →

Club Training Program Moves From SU to RIRO; Domestic Students Ineligible

Vice President of Student Life Megan Rix has announced a significant change to the Student Union’s sole first-year engagement initiative.   The Future Executive Development Program will be transferred to the Recruitment and International Relations Office (RIRO) for the current... Continue Reading →

Lettre to the Editor: Fighting the Current

UPEI’s campus pub, The Wave, has been in operation since 2002. Over the years, students have seen it rise and fall over and over again. In an article posted by the Cadre in 2014, the writer claimed the Wave was... Continue Reading →

Council Recap: September 24th, 2017

The UPEISU Council met on September 24th for another productive meeting that featured a financial report for Back to School, several SU by-law amendments but still no executive evaluations.   Executive Reports President Hammad Ahmed attended a symposium on the... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Announces Candidates for the 2017 Fall Election

The UPEI Student Union has released the list of candidates who are running in its fall election. This year we will see 30 students competing for 14 positions. Voting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3rd and Wednesday, October 4th. Results... Continue Reading →

Farewell to The Wave?

UPEI's campus pub The Wave has been serving and entertaining students for over a decade. In recent years the SU has been talking about renovations, and there have been rumors of privatization. Unsure of what’s going on, The Cadre sat down... Continue Reading →

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