Taxes for Dummies

By: Banky Lumor Why should you file your taxes? If you received income during the year or if you want to receive some cash back from the tax you pay (free money!). Likewise, it is wise to file even if... Continue Reading →

Business Society Food Drive- A Success!

By: Connor Mycroft The Business society’s annual food drive was a spectacular success this year, as they managed to collect over 650 non-perishable food items to donate to UPEI’s Chaplaincy Center. The Food Drive has become a staple event for... Continue Reading →

The Cadre Recommends: Best Places To Dine On A Dime in Charlottetown

By: Zach Geldert Have you eaten Kraft Dinner for your past 7 meals? Are you tired of Mr. Noodles? Does that Michelina’s ‘dinner’ sitting in your freezer make you want to puke? If you have answered yes to any (or... Continue Reading →

Chartwells Hosts Local Farmers’ Market On Campus

By: Elizabeth Iwunwa Chartwells at UPEI runs cafés on campus and the residence dining hall, and caters various events held on campus. It runs Samuel’s at the Robertson Library, the self-serve Micromarket at the new Engineering building, and the Courtyard... Continue Reading →

Upstreet Beer Review

By: Zach Geldert On the Cadre’s recent visit to Upstreet Brewery, the team had the opportunity to taste 4 of Upstreet’s flagship brews: Rhuby Social, Commons Pilsner, Eighty-Bob, and Do-Gooder. As promised in the previous article on Upstreet, the Cadre... Continue Reading →

Cadre Business Insider: Upstreet Craft Brewing

By: Zach Geldert Upstreet Brewery, located on Allen street, bustled as the Cadre sat down for an interview with their director of marketing, Mikey, to talk about the businesses success. Naturally, this was done over a beer. I was immediately... Continue Reading →

Cadre Business Insider: The Start Up Zone

By: Lorelei Kenny & Zach Geldert The Startup Zone, situated on the corner of Queen and Water street, in the heart of downtown Charlottetown offers amazing services and opportunities to entrepreneurs of PEI. Last week, the Cadre met with Ms.... Continue Reading →

Cadre Business Insider: My Little Stash

By: Zach Geldert Walking into the quaint store snugly nestled on the Peake’s Quay waterfront one already feels the warm and inviting uniqueness of My Little Stash. Throughout the interview people came into the shop and everyone commented on how... Continue Reading →

Here’s How You Can Pay For School at UPEI

By: Zach Geldert “It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeear!” echoes in everyone’s ears as the relentless Staples commercials celebrate the beginning of yet another school year. While parents rejoice and school children groan, university students sweat with anxiety... Continue Reading →

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