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Should UPEI Get a Fall Reading Week?

We are fresh out of a long weekend, and I’m not sure about you, but I’m not feeling too refreshed. We had two days off this week to catch our breath before we head into final exam season, and here... Continue Reading →

Eye on the Endgame

With final exams just around the corner, making plans to go home, and the Christmas holidays fast-approaching, we as students are swamped with things to do. How are we to cram classes, studying, work and personal commitments in the time we... Continue Reading →

If You Want to Succeed: Bring The HEAT

One of the effects of being beaten with the STEM stick so often is that I sound like an anti-tech Luddite. However, nothing could be further from the truth. My problem resides with the technozealots, who believe that all of... Continue Reading →

PEI Men Tackle Violence Against Women

The issue of violence against women was once again thrusted into the spotlight in October, a month that featured allegations of impropriety laid against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein and the subsequent popularization of the #MeToo campaign, which encouraged people... Continue Reading →

UPEI Student Entrepreneurs Talk Business with The Cadre  

  The Cadre met with UPEI business students Evan Hawley, the founder of Odyssey Virtual and co-founder Michael Thompson to chat about their entrepreneurial venture. The Cadre: Tell us a little bit about yourselves. Hawley: “I moved to UPEI and... Continue Reading →

Getting Involved in Your Academic Community Opens the Gateway to an Awesome Experience

Photo: taken by a UPEI student on a field trip to Basin Head    Yes, you should attend your classes and take every opportunity to participate and learn in the context of your courses, but … there is more! When... Continue Reading →

Correction to “October 29th Council Meeting Recap”

It has come to the attention of The Cadre that there was a factual error in the October 29th Council Meeting Recap article published today, October 31st, 2017 at approximately 9:50 am. The Cadre misinterpreted a motion passed by Senate.... Continue Reading →

UPEI Community Responding to Our Turn Report

UPEI has been given a D+ for its efforts to prevent sexual violence in a recently released report by national sexual violence prevention group Our Turn. The report evaluated the policies of fourteen Canadian universities, focusing on areas like complaint... Continue Reading →

Executive Profile: Megan Rix

Next up in our exec profile series is the cheeriest member of the executive team VP Megan Rix! Watch The Cadre's video to see how she’s getting along as Vice President Student Life!      

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