Hey! My name is Daniel Timen, but I usually go by “Dan.” More than anything I’m known for my misinterpretation of sarcasm and utter love for music. When I’m not busy with work, university, or friends, I’m likely zoning out to some tunes while reading articles about music and pop culture. This summer my ear was pressed closely to the Hip Hop / RnB scene, providing me with the perfect 2017 soundtrack for this year’s adventures.

This past June marked the fifth year that I’ve lived on Prince Edward Island, and I’ve cherished every single moment. The majority of my life has been a constant travel around the world, having moved between cities and countries with my parents every couple of years. I’ve had the privilege of seeing many places for which I am very grateful. Most notably have been the views of Istanbul, the snow of Moscow, and the heat of Jerusalem. Up until 2012, my family and I moved between Israel, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, and Turkmenistan; this was due partially to my father’s job and partially to the wanderlust of my parents. I’d definitely credit my parents with the ability to make anywhere feel like home. My family explored many places together, but Canada was always the destination to our wandering quest.

I am excited to begin my third year in the business program at UPEI. After taking Professor Susan Graham’s introductory marketing class I developed a passion for the concept of marketing and I haven’t looked back since. Thanks to that experience I have my mind set on graduating with a specialization in marketing.

For me, sharpening my writing skills has always been a priority, as writing brings me a sense of fulfillment. In addition to my ever so cheerful anticipation for the midterms and exams to come, I am eager to begin working with the great team of editors and writers at The Cadre to produce awesome content for my fellow UPEI students. To all the music fans out there – I hope to dissect different trends in the music industry. And being a business student, I hope to journey through Charlottetown to bring you some interesting entrepreneurial stories.


Thanks for reading!