This week I have gotten a lot of questions about a lot of different things. So, I’ve decided to make a list of tips from our WC tutors.

  1. Try taking a walk to get out of a writing funk.
  2. When you feel lost in a paper, take a step back and make an outline or review an outline you made during your planning process.
  3. Always get someone else to look over your writing. It is so easy to make little mistakes or typos.
  4. Trying to come up with a catchy title? Try using alliterations, puns, or other fun literary devices.
  5. Start a paper as soon as you can. Having ample time before a due date relieves stress and gives you time to make changes.
  6. Don’t get hung up on loving particular sentences. Sometimes, even though you love them, they are confusing to others.
  7. Take feedback.
  8. Don’t be afraid to question someone’s feedback, or go to another person to see what they think.
  9. Just because you take someone’s feedback doesn’t mean you have to use it.
  10. The key to organization: OUTLINES OUTLINES OUTLINES
  11. Be prepared to get an awesome idea. Sometimes you are laying in bed, or in the car, or in a class when an amazing idea pops into your head. Have pen and paper or your
    “Notes” option open on your phone/computer so you can write down the idea so you don’t forget.
  12. Publish your writing. It can be scary, but there is no harm in publishing a piece that you really like. There are so many opportunities; for example, The Arts Review is an on campus journal for all departments and faculties.
  13. Challenge yourself. Taking risks can sometimes take your paper from a B to an A.
  14. Ask for extensions. A lot of profs on campus will actually give extensions if you ask. So, go ask your prof if you can’t get something in on time … the worst thing they can say is no.
  15. Don’t get attached to your first draft. It may not be that great at first. This is why writing is a process, not a single act.
  16. Big words sound great, but if they make your paper confusing just cut them. I promise you that you won’t sound stupid if you are just clear.
  17. Write about things you are interested in. If you aren’t particularly interested in the Pythagorean theorem, Darwin’s theory of evolution, or the novel you are reading in a lit class, then come at the paper from an angle that does interest you. Writing is so much easier when you enjoy the topic.
  18. Be opinionated if you have to be.
  19. Look at how many times you use semicolons and then reevaluate your use of semicolons; they are barely used correctly.
  20. For the love of God go to the Writing Cen